Why is speaking at conferences so important?

Speaking on stage can be terrifying for some, but it is absolutely necessary if you are in a position of bringing a new product, idea or movement to market. Our research has shown that at the early stages of an initiative, speaking on stage at conferences is one of the most effective ways to generate users, clients, customers, and press. Speaking directly to your audience drives significantly higher post-conference conversion: you are likely to secure more meetings, generate better leads or drive higher quality sign-ups.  

Once you are a more experienced speaker, the benefits continue. The bigger the platform, the more authority you have over a certain topic. Getting involved in the dialogue is key and building a strong speaker profile is an amazing way to shape the trends in your industry and position yourself and your business as a leader in the space. 

So there are no excuses - it's time to get out there! 

What does it take?

Becoming an effective speaker can take years of training so the key is to start early. While some people may naturally have more ease on stage than others, this is a skill that can be learned. Identifying the type of conferences that are best for you is a great way to get started.

Pitch competitions may be good way to start. The time spent speaking is quite short (usually ~5min) and, if you do enough of these, you inevitably become very familiar with the material. This will free your mind to start working more on your style. 

A tip: find yourself a pitch/public speaking trainer. These individuals can help you to identify your style and fix any problems you may have in this kind of communications. If you have the budget, 1:1 sessions are amazing, especially if the coach can continue to support you going forward. If not, join groups or ask friends to be your sounding boards. For more on public speaking, keep an eye on our blog here

How can Conference hunt help?

Conference Hunt provides you with a wide range of speaking opportunities for all levels of speakers every few weeks. We go through hundreds of events to find the ones that show a lot of promise and offer you the best kind of exposure. We then share direct links to the call-for-speaker applications, exhibitor sign-ups and special discounted tickets. HERE is an example >>>

How can I get access to Conference Hunt?

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Why join now?

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