VentureBeat looks at the exploding conference scene!

A few months ago Venture beat took a look at the growing conference scene in Europe and featured Conference Hunt as a great solution to help cut through the noise. 

You can check out the article HERE, or check out our quote below! 

<< Looking back over the past year, Anna Rose, the Berlin-based CEO and cofounder of Videopath, says she finds it “wild” to realize she was traveling out of Berlin for 138 days. She’d like to stay put more often, but at the same time, as a founder she finds it critical to be presenting at conferences, networking, and telling her company’s story where and when she can.

To help her find and keep track of the growing list of events, she quietly started Conference Hunt, a newsletter to help startups learn about speaking engagements.

“We learned that every single startup was creating these event lists, so there was duplication of work going on,” she said. “I missed a ton of opportunities because as a small startup we just couldn’t stay on top of all the dates.”

While the travel can be exhausting at times, Rose said that events are a great way for small companies to gain exposure. And as a native of Canada, she said the extensive travel of being a digital nomad has a strong side benefit: getting to see a wide range of historic and culturally vibrant European cities, such as Dublin, Lisbon, Berlin, London, Gdansk, Barcelona, and Amsterdam.

“I think this is actually quite unique to Europe,” she said. “Would it be as exciting if it was in the U.S. or Canada? The best part is that there is a crew you see at every one of the big events. Going to these things also means checking back in with some of your favorite people from all over.”>>